Culture & leisure are a big deal in Zabergäu ...

There is such a lot to explore in beautiful Zabergäu. As well as the wine production for which the region is so well known, there are a great many museums, lakes and historic buildings that are worth discovering.

The Naturpark Stromberg-Heuchelberg, the Neckar-Zaber Tourist Association and the Heilbronner Land Tourist Association have compiled a great many suggestions.

Take a look at their websites.

We have a lot of suggestions on our own website too which will make your stay at the Michaelsberg youth hostel an even more memorable experience. 


The Maulbronn Monastery, founded in 1147, is a spectacular example of Cistercian culture and is the best preserved monastery complex north of the Alps.
In the middle ages it was a significant political economic and social centre. After the introduction of the Reformation, the monastery was converted into a protestant monastery school (1556). The protestant Theological Seminary founded in 1807 is still in existence today.

In 1993, the Maulbronn Monastery was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   
Visitors can go on fascinating tours and attend interesting events here.
Maulbronn website